Frequently Asked Questions

How much does house moving cost?

It usually costs somewhere between $8-$12 dollars a square foot to move a house. Other variables will also include: route, height, width, distance of move, location, etc. Foundation work can also play a factor in price due to state standards and regulations for off ground structures. Every job is different, please contact us to receive a written estimate. Payments are received in cash, checks, or money orders.

Is the integrity of a home affected during the move?

In our professional experience, the house is moved from one location to the next intact. The structure will move as best as it is built. We take time to do it right, bracing the structure where needed to transport your home safely.

What is the time period to move my home?

In the right conditions, a house can be moved in 2 to 3 days. Larger structures may take longer. Weather, permits, and escorts also play a factor.

Do I need to purchase extra insurance to cover the building move?

Hayes House Moving has insurance that covers our gross negligence, should we need it. We have never had a problem with our customers needing extra insurance. However, unforeseen damages can occur, such as unstable craftsmanship on the structure to be moved and utility contractors potential lack of insurance coverage.

Are there licenses and or permits needed to move my house?

Yes! Our team of professionals will be responsible for getting the state and city moving permits. The homeowner is responsible for the city/parish building/foundation permit.

What is the process for disconnecting utility services before the house move?

Hayes House Moving will disconnect the sewer and water. It is recommended to find a licensed HVAC contractor to disconnect the air conditioning/heater, which you will be responsible for their fees. You will need to contact the city service provider to disconnect the gas and electricity. The gas meter should be removed and the wires should be rolled up to the poll by the electrical company. Please let them know you are not moving houses but that you are moving the structures location.

Is there a written contract that I receive with all the information of the move included in it?

Yes! The agreement will have all of your concerns along with all the responsibilities of all parties involved. Everything from the loading of your house onto the trailer, to transportation of it, and then setting it in its new location. We will educate you throughout the process, should you have questions or concerns. The more you know, the more comfortable you will feel as we safely move your house from one location to the next. All work will be agreed upon before we start.

Will you construct the foundation for my house after the move?

Hayes House Moving generally puts houses on piers and pads and has the capability to construct engineered foundations if needed.

Should the house be empty during the move?

It is not necessary to remove everything out of your house, however our insurance does not cover damages to property left inside the house. During the move, items can shift. We are not liable for these damages. Prior to the move, we will inspect the contents inside and make recommendations to remove items that may get damaged or seem fragile.

How far are you willing to travel to move a house?

Hayes House Moving generally does work within a 50 mile radius of Lafayette, however, depending on the job, we are willing to consider moves outside this range if needed.

During the move, are there any damages that I should expect to my house?

It is possible to experience damages while getting your house moved. Your house may shift in transit causing damages included but not limited to hairline drywall cracks, tile damage, window, door jamb damage, and minor roof damage. Rotten flooring may break during the move as well. As we assess your structure, you will be notified about what to expect as best as possible.

Who is responsible for damage that could happen during the move, other than damage to my property?

Hayes is responsible for damages to the property of others unless specified differently in our quote or contract. Before work is started on the project all parties involved will have a clear understanding of the scope of work to be provided by Hayes and our customer's responsibilities as they are specific for each house move.